Vineet Sood

Vineet Sood

Vineet always had a keen interest in his father’s company, Centex, which was established in 1969. Eager to learn about textile manufacture, he began his career working on the factory floor. There, machine technicians and master weavers gave him a solid foundation, crucial to developing the business.

With values inherited from his father, discipline, attention to detail and a keen eye for quality, Vineet set about putting his own mark on the company. He began to create and experiment, not only with fabric construction and design, but also with machinery. He would modify and innovate to create unique, unrivaled products of the highest quality. This focus on the importance of innovation and experimentation remains the cornerstone of the company’s success to this day.


From Vision to Reality.

Demand for the product grew at an international level and soon Centex began to export to Europe and America. One of the first orders arrived in London’s Marks and Spencer’s flagship store in Oxford Street. The entire stock sold out within a few hours. This reinforced the company’s confidence for success in an international market.

Since then, Centex has gone from strength to strength. The company exports to all corners of the globe supplying to many of the world’s leading brands with the capacity to manufacture 300,000 units per month. Vineet’s vision to create one of the largest, state of the art scarf manufacturing factories in the world has recently become a reality. This illustrates what ambition, determination, passion and hard work can achieve.


Looking to the Future.

With the completion of the project, a new dawn breaks in the Centex story. As the next generation of the family becomes involved in the business, we look forward to the opening of a new chapter in the Centex story.

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